Catalyst Mints – The Energy You Need

We’ve got big news!

We’ve officially been sponsored by Catalyst Mints! Catalyst Mints are the best and only way for gamers, content creators, and lovers of being productive to get the energy they need during the day! With Catalyst Mints you can get the same energy as a 8 oz. energy drink with just 3 MINTS! We at QSN Media have been able to try the mints first hand and we’ve found that not only do they work but they are better tasting and are much friendlier to your wallet!

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Some major benefits of using Catalyst Mints are:

CM benefits

One 8 oz. energy drink costs about 2-4 US Dollars depending on where and when you get one. But if you’re like most people in this day and age one doesn’t do the trick.

For the cost of $9.99 you can get one container of Catalyst Mints which contains 20 mints!

So let’s do our math here:

3 Mints = 1x 8 oz. Energy Drink

20 Mints in a container divided by 3 gets you 6.67 Energy drinks!

That saves you a whooping  $14 but gets you all the energy of 6+ Energy Drinks!

Catalyst Energy Mints - Siberian Wintergreen (High Res) (11)

That’s some pretty big savings,right? We thought so too since with those savings YOU COULD BUY ANOTHER CONTAINER!

We know you want to try some, so we’ve got an amazing deal for you! Click here to go to the Catalyst Mints website, pick a supply that works for you (hint: the bigger the supply the more savings you get) and try it to see how it works for you! If you do it within our special promotion you can use code “PULSE” to get an ADDITIONAL 5% off the total price!

So what are you waiting for! Feel the Pulse today!


I'm the Captain of the Quad Squad Nation. I'm a 23 year old geek that lives for technology and games. Pretty sure I was a knight in a past life.

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