Welcome to Mixer!

For those that don’t know Beam.pro has now rebranded to Mixer!


What does that mean?

While some members are confused about what that means for them, what the switch does is allow for better global marketing. They are still the same Beam community and friends but now there’s more opportunity for growth and development as a platform.

Beam has been growing steadily as one of the leading streaming services and is the only one with sub-second latency. For those that don’t know here’s a brief summary of Beam’s journey from the website itself.

Beam History

Since the beginning, the founders of Beam have been focused on bringing the best interactive streaming that will allow viewers to get closer to the streams they love.

With this move we can see better chances at seeing user-focused developements and true community driven goals.

With the announcement of the rebrand there’s now a new feature, Co-Streaming.

Co-Streaming allows multiple users to stream together all within one window. You can have 4 users streaming on one window with a combined chat. No more confusion with seperate chats. All you have to do is invite your friends and let the games begin.

So go forth and broadcast! Interact and let us know what you think!

Do you think the future is bright?
What do you think about the new feature?

Comment below!


I'm the Captain of the Quad Squad Nation. I'm a 23 year old geek that lives for technology and games. Pretty sure I was a knight in a past life.

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