What It Takes to Be A Live Streamer

You may have all the equipment.

You may have all the games.

But do you have what it takes to be a live streamer?


For most people this is a question that has been eating at them from day one. But it is a very good one to have. Why? Because that means you are here to spread some good to the streaming industry.

Too often are users joining the streaming industry because they see highlights on Youtube of a streamer making money through donations. If you are streaming with the only goal to make money, then you are in the wrong industry my friend.

To be a live streamer you must enjoy interacting, engaging, and creating content and communities. The truth of the matter is, there is no Get-Rich-Quick scheme to live streaming. Like most things in life, you must want to create and entertain because you enjoy it and want to work for it.

As a live streamer, I’ve been on various platforms and have made friends and constant viewers for 5 years. In those 5 years, I have made a total of 35 dollars.

Now some of you may think that’s not worth it. If so, this isn’t the field for you. 

When I got paid for live streaming and creating content I wasn’t worried about the money. I was worried about my viewers and the quality of my content. I was more interested in engaging my audience because without them there’s no reason to be there. There’s no one to interact with. If you as a streamer have no one to interact with, then you as an entertainer will not entertain.

This may seem like a dead end if you are a beginner and just started streaming but don’t worry. We have tips to get started!

Here are some ways to build an audience if you are starting out or even just want to grow more:

  • Have someone in your party to talk to
  • Create your own dialogues within game storylines
  • Create a different persona – Adventurer James hunting demons!
  • Costream with another Mixer broadcaster
  • Use tools and chatbots to bring games and giveaways into the stream

All of these and more will help you build and maintain your audience. Try some of these tricks today and let us know what works for you in the comments below!


I'm the Captain of the Quad Squad Nation. I'm a 23 year old geek that lives for technology and games. Pretty sure I was a knight in a past life.

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