Techni Sport – The Gaming Chair You Need


This piece of art above me is more than just a chair. It’s more than just a look. It’s a lifestyle.

For the rising streamer, content creator, or PC enthusiast having a dope setup is only part of the gig. Having a setup that is comfortable, durable, and won’t break the bank is also part of the gig.

Quad Squad Nation Media has recently pair up with Techni Sport through our creators KnightTech and Sunsetflamefox to deliver quality chairs to those that want the best. We believe that the best way to serve our viewers and help them become the best content creators out there, we need to make it so that they can afford to do so.

With Techni Sport gaming chairs you’ll be able to sit for hours and grind those last newbie ranked players from your server. You’ll be able to relax as you watch your favorite streamers compete. You’ll look stylish in your new chair to show to your viewers.

You can get all this, while saving some money!

In order to get you the best deal available, we have a 10% off code that will allow you to get the best gaming chair out there, while also saving money for your other equipment.


To spice up this deal we’re going to enter everyone who orders this month into a drawing for Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds! So jump on this offer now!

Use code KNIGHTTECH or SUNSET for 10% off your order!

With this kind of deal what are you waiting for!


I'm the Captain of the Quad Squad Nation. I'm a 23 year old geek that lives for technology and games. Pretty sure I was a knight in a past life.

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