Star Wars Battlefront II – First Thoughts

E3 is here and it is taking the world by storm!


Live conferences, demos and trailer releases are coming out with millions of views thus far. With it EA has brought out the big guns with the much anticipated Star Wars Battlefront II!


In the EA Post-Show by IGN, the hosts talked about the improvements as well as the questions and theories that are being presented. New characters, vehicles, and even maps are being confirmed in the sequel.

In the trailer EA featured new characters Darth Maul, Boba Fett, Rey and Kylo Ren. So fret not, young female Padawans, you’ll be able to get some training with the beloved Rey!

A key point of discussion was the character gameplay movement. In the Star Wars Battlefront a lot of disappointment came about when they cinemagic trailers showed wonderful Heroes and Villains yet only as skin value. In-game these special characters were bulky, maneuvered in odd manners and weren’t what everyone was expecting. Hopefully, with the feedback from the previous title will be enough to have the developers make movement more fluid.

The game also boasts DLC being free and the first season set to release in December post-launch with the themed content based on The Last Jedi. Finn and Captain Phasma will also be playable Heroes which you can play on the new map, Crait.

If ground fights aren’t your thing, don’t worry. You can fight on the space map above the planet D’Qar. Future seasons will include more planets, heroes,vehicles, modes, and weapons.

So much content so little time!

Check out the E3 Gameplay Trailer below and comment what you’re excited about!



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