So is “Wonder Woman” without makeup


If you saw Wonder Woman , which almost certainly is because almost everyone has already seen, you may have noticed that it is really wonderful. But everything takes on a new meaning, much more real and honest, when you meet Gal Gadot , the spectacular Israeli who plays the superhero on the big screen.

In addition to talented and very beautiful, Gadot is one of those stars that are not far away in the sky but on the other hand, maintain their well-glued feet on the ground, which makes it more attractive.

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32 year old actress posted a couple of photos on his Instagram account in which, looks completely without makeup “face wash” , defying all the rigors imposed Hollywood for so long. Showing natural and more beautiful than ever without sensationalism makeup or photo retouching.

” Sleepless night. Colic, 3 month old baby and a 5 year old got up early . I came to my garden to breathe some fresh air with my coffee to help wake up and be ready to see The Cat in the Hat with my daughter , “was the text that accompanied the close up where freckles and looks beautiful trail wakefulness.

Nothing glamorous, but incredibly empathetic and original, something that has always loved Gal.

Selfie addition, also published with her husband an image from 10 years ago, who paid tribute wearing a shirt with the figure of Wonder Woman under the slogan “my wife” .


Writing by: Daniel Rios

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One comment on “So is “Wonder Woman” without makeup
  1. DJGil20 says:

    Nice article! I had no idea she was Israeli! Haven’t seen it yet but soon!


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