Why You Should Be Wary of eSport Attire Shops

You want quality without breaking the bank. But what about customer service?


The eSports community and industry has blown up and is expected to grow even more by 2020. With that the rise of online attire and clothing lines have come to cater the growing industry. T-shirts, jerseys and more are being printed by the thousands every day.

However, with the growth there’s also going to be some shady businesses on the rise. Sure there are companies that can offer the cheapest prices but what do you sacrifice in the process?

Recently, Team Pwnage, a community of streamers and gamers tweeted out this picture describing their recent experience with a jersey printing company, ThreadFreek Apparel:



While, Team Pwnage isn’t too concerned about the money spent they have yet to get their order, thus making it a shady transaction on ThreadFreak Apparel’s part.

So, we ask again, what do you lose when you get cheap prices? You lose customer service. When looking for deals that won’t break your bank it’s always a good idea to see who else has bought from the company you are looking to buy from. That way if there’s unhappy customers, you’ll be able to see second-hand just what they were unhappy about.

Granted we wanted to do our research so we checked ThreadFreak Apparel’s track record so we took a look at their Twitter. Within the first 10 tweet, there’s multiple accounts of customers not being happy with their product or service.



Dig a little deeper and in the Team Pwnage tweet we get a response about Clash Attire being a better option to ThreadFreak Apparel. This “Mystery Company” that Team Pwnage mentioned is Clash Attire. Clash had this to say:



Smart move on Clash Attire’s part. Affiliates or business partners affiliated with you should stand strong and represent your company to your standards.

At the end of the day, research your options, check customer reviews, and know where the products are being made and shipped from. It just might save you some money.




It’s been brought to our attention that some of our viewers feel that we may be bad mouthing Thread Freak Apparel. That is not the case. We provide unbiased opinions and thoughts about events, organizations and stories. If there’s an organization that is lacking in a field of service we will mention it so that they may work on the issues at hand. We are overrun with organizations that take advantage of others time and money. We want nothing more than for TFA to excel and bring the premium content that they deserve.

Thread Freak Apparel has contacted us for removal of this article however, we will not be removing it. We instead suggested that they take this situation as an example to improve their business. Since then Thread Freak Apparel has released these statements:


We at Quad Squad Nation Media praise Thread Freak Apparel for their courage in addressing the issues at hand and wish them well in their future success.



I'm the Captain of the Quad Squad Nation. I'm a 23 year old geek that lives for technology and games. Pretty sure I was a knight in a past life.

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